What Strategy?

Who doesn’t love working out ‘The Strategy’?

Getting all your sales reps together to discuss the market, your customer base, competitors and how you are going to differentiate for this period/quarter/year.

Reviewing the figures and discussing how you are going to grow, how you’re going to win market share, and share of wallet from your partners. It’s pretty motivational stuff! And it ensures that you establish common goals and plans for the period ahead.

But how often does Service come up in these strategic planning sessions?

We all know that poor service levels can certainly lose us valuable customers and accounts, so why don’t we look at leveraging Service to win more?

It is probably because Service has, for a long time, been reactive. If you have a problem, we’ll fix it or exchange it, or if it’s really bad, we’ll give you a new one…

But what about the Service Strategy?

Who is looking at how you can harness all that great customer engagement you get through your call centre? What are you doing about the 2 – 10 year opportunity to support your customer or partner, to build relationships and win loyalty? Is anyone harnessing service data to assess existing estates for refresh opportunities and pro-active sales? (And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!)

It’s certainly not Service for Service sake, because your post-sales support can achieve the goals you set out in your sales planning.

Differentiate. Compete. Win more.

So isn’t it time you looked all the unharnessed opportunity your Service organisation affords you?

Don’t know where to start?

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