what we offer

Our Advisory Services

We offer a range of services to transform your business.

Whether it’s a thorough audit of your service desk function, an assessment of your Managed Service strategy or something more customised, we can help.
All our projects are tailored to understand you as a business – your unique ambitions, challenges and goals for the future.

Our expertise and guidance give you tangible benefits and recommendations for implementing a service strategy that works. And our holistic approach means we work with you and your wider teams to understand where service can play a role in your commercial and growth strategies for a complete solution.

Our Service Product Range

AV Support Assessment

for end-users
Advising you on the best fit for your business

We offer a robust assessment of your current support mechanism, whether it’s outsourced or in-house. We take time to understand both your current frustrations, and your goals for future support. We’ll review your set up holistically – taking into account industry standards, offerings and customer experience best practice. We’ll then provide comprehensive recommendations on how to achieve your objectives.

Service Desk Audit

Setting up your systems and processes for success

Our Service Desk Audit includes a full review of your service operation. We assess the department against a range of key criteria and provide strategic direction to create an industry-leading service desk. The end result? A provision that both gives your customers the best possible experience whilst keeping the operation lean, efficient and cost effective. 

Managed Services Assessment

Optimise your managed service strategy

Our assessment of your service offering focuses on optimisation of your managed service strategy.

We assess your proposition against key success metrics, and take a holistic look at how your services benefit both your business and your client organisations.

If you are just starting on the Managed Services journey, we can help build a product from the ground up, working with your strengths and to develop something unique and powerful.

Customer Success Training

So you have a great service team... what's next?

A Customer Success programme can help you drive recurring revenue, retain customers and build loyalty. We show you how you can harness the power of your service operation to discover new and renewed business.

Custom Consultancy

Do you know where you want to be, but not how to get there?

Our custom projects are completely bespoke engagements focussed on you and your business. Whatever the service challenge, ambition or goal we can help you to implement the very best in service support.  And if you’re unsure of what changes are required, we can help you focus in on what will provide the most impactful value to your business and your customers, internal or external.