Businessman using touch screen

alk to any Service Leader about service being about fixing things and you might be surprised by their reaction. In the not-so-distant past, I worked for a service organisation that was referred to regularly as the ‘fix it’ team. Needless to say, my esteemed service colleagues did not react kindly – and rightly so! In […]


2021 sees us introduce our Service Series. Our informative blog that seeks to cover key areas of Customer Experience, share tips for success and discuss some of those bigger issues surrounding Service in the AV and IT communities.    To kick-off we’re unpicking some of the customer support language we regularly come across and what […]

The difference between selling a service and delivering it? Everything.


It’s easy to sell value-added services. To align your support offering to your clients vision, to present a service that ticks all the boxes. And yet so often the service-dream isn’t deliverable. A classic case of over-promising and under-delivering – and it can be catastrophic. Being unable to deliver those services your client confidently bought […]

What Strategy?

Who doesn’t love working out ‘The Strategy’? Getting all your sales reps together to discuss the market, your customer base, competitors and how you are going to differentiate for this period/quarter/year. Reviewing the figures and discussing how you are going to grow, how you’re going to win market share, and share of wallet from your […]

A couple of things

Last week was my first week going solo. Having left my job in December, I have started 2019 as my own boss, with my own aspirations and the exciting challenge of running my own business.   Two things happened last week that really struck me.   Firstly, I was in contact with two industry peers (former customers) with […]