AV consulting with a difference

Advisory and Implementation services for post-sales support.

We are proud to be truly unique as an AV consultancy.
We’re not about hardware, software or the latest model. Instead, we concentrate on how to create excellence in experience and usability, and how we support our industry peers to thrive in the evolving world of AV.

Everything we do is driven by our core objectives:

We want every end user to have the best experience possible
We want AV businesses to thrive by having a robust Service Strategy in place
Our Advisory Services

Service Centric Support

We work with both end-users and AV businesses to transform their post-sales services.

Our focus is on successful service models that drive revenue, are lean and cost-efficient to operate and unrivalled in creating the very best in user experience – whether that’s for your internal customers or your business clients.

Our Advisory Services

Our Approach


In the first stage of our Advisory Projects we get to know your business inside and out. We listen to where you are today, understand your goals and ambitions and assess any challenges or hinderances.

Once we have a good understanding of that, we analyse.

We combine our service experience, knowledge, education and specialist background to form a clear picture of what would most impactfully benefit you.

From there, we present recommendations for achieving your goals and implementing a successful service strategy.

Our Implementation Projects help you enable those recommendations in a lean and expedited timeframe to start seeing those key benefits.

get to know us

Faye Bennett has been specialising in AV service since 2019

Before starting FBCS Faye managed key accounts with LED Manufactuer Daktronics and tech giant Samsung.

Within both organisations Faye specialised in managing high value service agreements, and refining and delivering enhanced post sales services.
She also worked closely with the system integrator community to transform engagement with the product group.

The experience and insights gained over these years gave her a unique understanding of the importance of a robust service offering, and the idea for a consultancy that gave the AV industry, clear, actionable post sales guidance was born.

Since then, Faye has been leading FBCS to create change in the AV industry.

The FBCS client base has spanned international manufacturers, system integrators, software houses, service providers and global alliances. We remain passionate about helping AV channel businesses to stand out from the crowd and succeed in the new world of audiovisual.

We’re excited about turning our attention to the end-user.

We are already helping businesses navigate the challenges of hybrid working, system complexity and the conundrum of outsourcing or in-house resourcing. Add in supply chain issues, sustainability and a desire to respond to changing user needs and requirements and the future of AV support is interesting to say the least.